Aflatoun- Aflateen
New Vision has Colloborated with Meljol, a Mumbai based Organization to implement Aflatoun and Aflateen program for school going children in schools in Pune. Aflatoun and Aflateen program are being carried out in approximately 100 Countries.

Aflatoun- For Children upto Std 7th
Social and Financial Education is aimed at helping young people think critically, learn about rights and responsibilities, and gain financial knowledge and skills that will enable them to achieve their dreams. It also helps them reflect and make sense of the life transitions they are going through, and how they can best be engaged in the world. Social Education teaches them to believe in themselves and become responsible citizens by understanding and being involved in social issues that affect them while Financial Education teaches the important skills of saving, appropriate spending budgeting, planning and engaging in age-appropriate Social and Financial Enterprises. Children also learn to the optimum and effective utilization of the resources (financial & Non financial)

Aflateen- For Children of 8th and 9th
Aflateen programme is designed as a journey for young people to reflect on their lives, learn to explore issues and problems in society, acquire skills that help them become engaged citizens and enact enterprises and projects with other young people from their communities.
Young people have prominent roles in these inspirational stories as well. The Aflateen programme can help young people realize their potential and become agents of change. The children at the end of the program will be able to:
1. Examine and reflect on their identities, values and beliefs, as well as their relationships with family, friends and communities.
2. Critique and investigate how rights are realized or violated in society.
3. Describe and practice responsible use and accumulation of financial, natural and other kinds of resources (people, planet and profit).
4. Demonstrate the ability to conduct planning and budgeting activities towards realizing a desired goal.
5. Conduct enterprises that have a positive effect in their communities.
6. Develop socially responsible and economically empowered youth to be agents of change
7. To understand money and market, which affect youth more as they become consumers, workers, and producers