Child Protection


Our Child Protection Advocacy (CPA) is set on specific interventions that focus on strengthening the child protection system (both formal and informal) at the community and school level, thus empowering communities, schools and stake holders to strengthen the protection of children from abuse, neglect, exploitation and other forms of violence. At New Vision we strengthen both the protective environment for children, as well as children themselves, in order to improve their well-being and fulfil their rights to protection.We promote and deliver excellence in response and prevention against child violence through service, education, and leadership.


★  Our Core Issues:

1. Child Labour
2. Child Sexual Abuse
3. Corporal Punishment

★  We are Network Partners with:

1. Campaign Against Child Labour (CACL)
2. Action for the Rights of Child (ARC)
3. South Asia Initiative for Violence Against Children (SAIVEC), a SAARC countries initiative’s National Action Core Group (NACG)-India Chapter
4. New Vision Rainbow Homes: Shelter home for street Children (Girls):